Common Issues Faced in Metal Logistics and Shipping

The steel and metal industry will always be in high demand and need steady logistics and shipping. Countries around the world continue to develop and require these raw materials to be manufactured and delivered to site. There are common issues faced in any industry, and logistics and shipping of metal is not immune to issues. However, there along with those issues, there are possible solutions that can help you manage your supply chain.  

What is Metal Logistics and Shipping

The shipping and transportation of steel and metal is unique due to the sheer amount of product variations that fall into the category. Steel and metal freight is always on the road and being transported, it is a very common raw material used in many applications. Steel comes in many shapes and sizes that all need to be shipped, whether it be steel rolls, walls, fabricated machined steel, or giant I beams.  

Issues with Metal Packaging

First, one issue faced by metal shipping is the type of packaging that is required. A lot of investment goes into the manufacturing and polishing of metal, so you must keep it damage free. Scratches are easily produced if these materials are sliding around in transportation. There is a need for extra attention and proper packaging to maintain the finish of a metal and to avoid further issues. Use boxes and wrapping that can withhold the freight movement and outside debris. Be sure to fill in any cracks with bubble wrap or newspapers. 

Weight Restricted Shipping

Another issue faced in the shipping of metal is how heavy the material is. There are maximum weight restrictions that need to be followed when shipping with certain modes of transportation. Weight and size sometimes correlate with each other when it comes to the logistics of produced metal products. A specialty carrier is often required when shipping something of this magnitude. Most expert 3PL providers have the ability to ship heavy and large metals without you having to worry. There is complexity involved when shipping this type of material, so make sure to follow up on the quotes provided from carriers or through a 3PL partner.  

Challenge of Quality Shipment

Next, you must be aware of the difficulty in pickups and deliveries of metal. Metal packaging requires you to accommodate for the additional steps in the logistics cycle. You may have to deliver from one warehouse location to another distribution center and then to the main construction site. You must have experienced shippers and carriers to handle quality pickup and delivery. The heavy metals do need protective packaging but also could require specific equipment that can handle the job. Clients may not always have the equipment, but a 3PL provider could coordinate to have them on site for smooth transport. Taking precautions as needed to maintain quality is of highest importance when it comes to heavy metal shipping and logistics.  

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