How Poor Communication is Improved by a Responsive 3PL

In the transportation industry, communication is one of the most important aspects to have to provide and receive the best service possible. Unfortunately, there are a few ways in which poor communication can negatively impact your supply chain processes. A responsive 3PL can be the key to having safe and effective communication. Proper communication is needed from everyone involved in the shipping process. This leads to the best service to be provided and received – a shipper can’t expect the kind of communication they want if they themselves are not communicating effectively. 

The Challenges from Poor Communication

Poor communication is all too common in shipping and logistics. Since there are several parties involved within a supply chain, communication can become an issue. Some things can be missed or misunderstood.  

One of the biggest issues that can be faced is late deliveries. When there is poor communication, deliveries can get lost or delayed and someone must pay for it. There are additional fees attached to late deliveries. If a delivery ends up in the wrong place, you have to deal with customer complaints and negative reviews. Word of mouth can be a curse or a blessing. When things go wrong with deliveries then you can expect to have upset people taking bad about your company. This can be troublesome to your brand reputation or image.  Also, poor communication can lead to less productivity because you’re struggling to catch up and recover the situation. But it does not end there because you will also be responsible for replacing those missing products. You will need to backtrack where and how the mistake happened and re-coordinate to make up for the losses. 

Trucks waiting in line due to non responsive 3PL

How a Responsive 3PL is the Solution

Without a stable bedrock of communication, how are you supposed to stay on the same page at all times? 

The answer is by partnering with a responsive 3PL company that values clear and honest communication. Each party needs to be readily available. For example, a 3PL account manager would be available to speak to any shipper so that the supply chain processes are aligning correctly. With a 3PL having open communication they can receive, process, and send out essential information effectively so that it is able to make an impact. 

Additionally, the quality of communication matters. Fewer mistakes can be made when you effectively communicate internally with your team and the carrier. Errors can be eliminated by relaying information and having a 3PL handle that for you. In case of an unplanned mistake, a responsive 3PL will be able to negotiate a better rate for you. The issue will be communicated at once so that measures can be put into place to minimize the fallout as much as possible.  


When you consider the fact that the number of entities in the supply chain has increased over the years, it makes clear communication at all levels even more important. Without communication, you take a minor problem and turn it into a much bigger and more expensive one in an instant. To turn poor communication into quality communication, choose a responsive 3PL like HTL Freight. To find out more, you can contact us. Additionally, if you want to get started today, you can click here and request a freight quote.