How to Become a Top Flatbed Shipping Company

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do. If you are in flatbed shipping then you are going to want to be the top flatbed shipping company out there. This is, of course, easier said than done. Providing the best flatbed service takes a lot of hard work. However, it is work you are going to have to put in if you really want to be the best.

At HTL Freight, we follow the 3 R system. On each load we are responsive, responsible, and reliable. By employing each R on every load, we developed a system that guarantees quality. It has allowed us to become one of the top flatbed shipping companies out there. We have become a company that helps our customers grow while looking out for our carriers as well.


The first R is responsive. You cannot operate within the shipping and logistics industry if you are not responsive. Communication is vital in this industry. This is something that has ranked at the top of importance for both shippers and carriers. To be a top flatbed shipping company you are going to have to keep the lines of communication open, for good news and bad.

Additionally, this means investing in technology that allows for the kind of transparency that your partners want. This can be EDI connections, automated alerts and updates, or simple emails. No matter what is needed, it is up to you to provide it.


The second R in the 3 R system is responsible. This means ensuring that the quality is up to the standard of the shipper. When you are moving an order it is up to you to make sure it arrives in the right condition, at the right time, and at the right place. On the carrier side, it means making sure they have all the information they need for a successful shipment.

No one wants an irresponsible shipping partner because they cannot be trusted. And in shipping, trust is vital. The shipper needs to trust that their freight is being taken care of. Meanwhile, the carrier needs to trust that the broker has their back in case anything goes wrong.


Finally, the third R, reliable. It takes a lot to be reliable in the shipping industry. It takes experience, consistency, and integrity. Through experience you develop processes and partnerships: two vital components to being a top flatbed shipping company. Consistency is practically synonymous with reliability, being able to offer a quality service time and time again is what brings reliability. And finally, integrity. By keeping your promises, and having integrity, you are able to show your reliability.

Reliability is looked for by both shippers and carriers so it is vital to have. Once reliability is lost it is very hard to gain back. Reliability needs to be applied to each and every load moved.

HTL’s Goal to be a Top Flatbed Shipping Company

By using the 3 R system HTL Freight aims at becoming a top flatbed shipping company. For nearly 40 years we have made sure that each load is handled with quality and care. We have developed teams and processes that ensure communication stays open and every task is completed. If you are looking for a new flatbed shipping provider reach out and we’ll see how we can help. Additionally, if you want to get started immediately, click here and request a quote.