How to Find the Best 3PL for Your Shipping Needs

If you’re running a business that needs scaling and expert shipping processes, then you need a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. However, not all 3PL companies would be a good fit for you, so it’s important to find the best one for your unique shipping needs. Outsourcing your supply chain management can be beneficial for your business to run efficiently Expert 3PLs can complete cumbersome tasks in minimal time, staying inexpensive and with high quality. Here are a few ways that you can find the best third-party provider for your shipping needs. 

Do Your Research on 3PL Shipping

First, you should do your research as to all the different 3PLs that are around your area. There will be so many that might seem like they could have you covered. Look into what experience these 3PLs have under their belt. Look into the types of services each of them provides, their access to the kind of trucks your goods require and their financial standing. You want to be sure that a 3PL is financially stable and can distribute regardless of economic downturns.  

The research you would have done should provide you with options. After you have found a few potentials, do yourself the favor of reaching out to request quotes and more information. You do not need to just go with one right away. You are welcome to try out more than one and see for yourself which one checks all the boxes through action and not just words.

3PL Shipping Scalability

Next, you want to make sure which 3PL option has the ability to scale in response to business ups and downs. Also, they should be able to grow alongside your growing your business. If you want to expand into new markets, the best 3PL option should be able to keep up. 

In other words, an ideal 3PL provider is flexible when working in this industry. Check if your new 3PL partner can fulfill orders in accordance with your processes. In addition, not everything in the supply chain is always smooth sailing. When things go wrong, you want a 3PL that can quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances without compromising quality. 

Communication Efforts in Shipping

With so many complex layers that are involved in shipping, you will need to find a 3PL that can communicate regularly. You could need an update on delivery or have a late shipment issue that requires a change in plans. Finding the best 3PL means they reach out constantly and do not take long to respond. You can test out their communication when you have initial conversations. Honesty, openness, and transparency are some of many attributes that communication with a 3PL must include.  

3PL Technology Performance

Furthermore, make sure that the chosen 3PL provider has the best modern technology. You want your shipping to be managed appropriately where you can track and trace the freight in real-time. The latest updates happen all the time in the tech world, so investigate how these 3PLs are performing in comparison. It would be wise to ask a few compulsory questions. Does the 3PL company invest in technology? Does the IT team seem competent enough to handle innovative projects and implement new applications? It is important to confirm that the technological capabilities of the 3PLs match up to your automation prerequisites.  


Despite having several options, finding the best 3PL can be a challenge but can be possible with determination and clarity. The partnership you create with a 3PL is based on a solid relationship of mutual understanding to align viable operations. It is a commitment to a company that you can trust to provide you with exceptional service and advice.  

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