Shipping & Logistics Recap

October was another busy month in the world of shipping and logistics. The supply chain disruptions have continued onward and there is not much of an end in sight. There have been some temporary solutions found but how long until things return back to normal?

Overall, we can expect to see prices rise across the industry and wait times to skyrocket if you are shipping ocean freight. However, by staying on top on the industry trends and news you can prepare yourself and your organization for what is to come. Below are several articles that cover what has been going on in shipping and transportation this past month.

What’s causing America’s massive supply-chain disruptions?

What’s causing America’s massive supply-chain disruptions

A deep dive into what is causing the current supply chain disruptions. Everything from the COVID pandemic to worker shortages and not enough docks. These disruptions are having huge ripple effects in every industry and will be going on for some time. In the meantime, it looks like the best option is to find a good contracted rate with a shipping provider and let them handle it.

A Simple Piece of Steel and Wheels Is Holding Up the Global Supply Chain

This article covers some of the troubles that are going on in drayage shipping. As a result of the supply chain disruptions, there has been a shortage of available chassis which is then causing further slowdowns. It’s a vicious cycle that the experts are trying to find a solution for and until then, wait time will continue to soar.

Trucking expects LTL, TL rates to soar through 2021

Many have already seen the rises in truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload(LTL) prices. In this article, the topic is covered in depth with predictions saying it will be some time before prices normalize. On the plus side, flatbed prices seem to be going down a bit, so ship now while prices are in your favor.

When Will Freight Rates Stop Their Ascent?

When Will Freight Rates Stop Their Ascent

This article takes a look at the path shipping has taken in the past year or so. How and why the pandemic has impacted the industry along with what may lead to the problem being fixed. It is looking like things may not return to normal until at least 2023.

That covers the shipping and logistics news for the month of October. Hope you all have a great month and are able to find the shipping solutions that work for you.

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