Tips for Finding a Better Flatbed Shipping Rate

Flatbed shipping rates vary from company to company but remember that large and bulk loads of freight can be costly. What many shippers don’t know is that they can negotiate their way to cheaper flatbed freight rates. 

Flatbed shipping is a mode of shipping that uses an open trailer with no surrounding walls or roof. Freight shipped via flatbed is open to outdoor elements, which does narrow down what kind of freight can be shipped. However, there are certain items that specifically require to be shipped with a flatbed trailer.  

Here are some helpful tips on how to find the best flatbed shipping rate possible.  

How To Find The Best Shipping Rates

Finding the best flatbed shipping rates will depend on a few factors. These factors include the exact needs of your business, the kind of cargo you need shipped, and the location or destination of the freight. Find out what carriers are willing to haul and the routes they plan on taking before you hire them. More fuel will be used when there is more cargo weight. Unfortunately, more fuel means more money or a higher flatbed shipping rate. Additionally, there can be a greater impact on mileage and the cost of delivery depending on the route a carrier takes. You need to consider which type of flatbed you are using and what part of the country you are working within. 

Know What You Are Shipping

First, you need to do is know all the details about your product, specifically regarding its shipping. The freight that makes up a load has a substantial impact on what you need to look for in a carrier. This information will better determine a more accurate flatbed shipping rate. The properties of your freight can play a crucial role in the flatbed shipping rate that you pay. It would be wise to know what steps need to be taken regarding its shipping. For example, if you’re shipping a very heavy item made of steel, then you are going to want to partner with a company that has experience. Share all the details you know so that there are no surprises. 

Have Knowledge of the Industry

This next tip requires you to know the supply chain industry before you go ahead and lock in flatbed shipping rates. Doing a bit of your own research can go a long way in understanding how you can achieve your shipping goals. You do not need to make it difficult for yourself. You are not going to have to become an export in the field overnight. And that is perfectly fine. Do the best you can by keeping an eye on some industry news sources. 

Flatbed Truck Shipping at a Good Rate

Research Potential Partners

The final but vital tip to be aware of is to research any transportation provider you are partnering with. Make sure that they are actually able to offer the flatbed shipping rates that they say they can. And not just at the price but at a level of service and quality that will work for you. You can also take this a step further and have them do some random spot quotes for you before making any larger decisions. If this is something you are able to do, then you absolutely should without any hesitation. Do not be afraid to let go of current partners that aren’t meeting your needs. Especially if you feel that they have not guaranteed you the best flatbed shipping rate possible. 

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