Tips to Improve your Construction Shipping and Logistics

Transportation and logistics are a major part of supply chain management in the construction shipping industry. Having the right logistics system in place can ensure you competitive advantage. The transportation of construction materials includes shipping doors, windows, hardware and insulation. Therefore, timing is very important with this kind of freight.  This is because you cannot go to the next step of building without finishing the one you’re currently stationed at. There are number of factors at play, so here are a few tips that can help you improve your construction supply chain needs. 

Develop a Logistics Plan

The first tip would be to develop a plan that mirrors the logistical needs of your construction projects. You need to ensure that all the people involved in the supply chain movement are also on board with the developed logistics plan. Being on the same page would move along the process more effectively. Therefore, you want to coordinate with transportation logistics professionals that can help create that process for everyone to follow along. 

Solidify Communication

In addition, coordinating cannot be done without the right communication methods for moving around construction materials. Communicating openly with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers can greatly improve construction shipping and logistics. Sometimes you need to find ways to adjust communication or even over-communicate to get to a common ground of acknowledgement and less accidents. Be sure to have team members that participate in these communications and have the right skills themselves. From a delay to a confirmation, everything should be communicated with intention. 

Construction Material Shipping Regulations

Next, you should be able to understand the rules and regulations that come within the territory of construction material shipping. This includes being aware of programs such as NAFTA, which specialize in tariffs and non-tariffs trade barriers. You want to avoid excessive liability and compliance costs, and that is possible through experience. 

Partner with a 3PL

Hence, it may just be in your best interest to partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) company that can set you in order. A 3PL partners with the best carriers to ensure that your freight is delivered on time and in good quality. Additionally, a robust carrier network gives them the required capacity to ensure all your freight is managed and delivered on time. They would be able to consolidate your materials with others to save you money. Cost control is possible by 3PL management. Shipments can be made with informed decisions while monitoring effectiveness. Your 3PL partner will use modern technology to handle scalability, fulfillment and delivery process optimization. Essentially, you can ease your mind from the cumbersome tasks of handling material logistics to logistics professionals. 

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