What is LTL Freight and When to Use it

You have multiple options when you’re transporting freight by road, but LTL freight trucking may just be the right choice for your needs if you know more about it. LTL, which is also known as less than truckload shipping, is a popular way to get your goods from one place to another without breaking the bank. Making supply chain processes easier to work through is the goal for any business today. It is wiser to know the different modes of transportation there are for you on the road. Learn here what LTL shipping truly is and how you can benefit from this mode of transportation. 

What is LTL Trucking?

LTL shipping is a mode of transportation, as mentioned, for less-than normal freight movement. You can combine your cargo with that of others to fill up the capacity of a full truck. Many times, you could be looking at needing a truck for your goods, but it seems unreasonable to hire that truck since you do not have enough products. This way of transporting eliminates those concerns. There are certain thresholds that make your freight a good fit for LTL shipping. For example, shipments under 10,000 pounds and less than 7 pallets would fall under the LTL shipping category.You do not have to coordinate this collection alone. Thankfully, there are third-party logistics companies that can arrange LTL shipping when you need it. This type of shipping is highly beneficial and has been a top choice for many in the logistics industry. 

Operation Cost Management

If you’re seeking a cost-effective choice for your shipment, then LTL would be the best way to do so. Small businesses are often in situations where they do not require entire trucks spaces, so using only a section would save them money. You can be assured that the operation of the freight will be simpler as there are fewer hoops to go through. Damage is also less likely as transportation of LTL shipping is packaged accordingly. Overall, the shipping cost would be less if you utilized only the space you need and went through the correct channels.

Physical Features

Another time you should consider using LTL is when you have a certain weight or size to your freight. LTL shipments can go up to 10,000 pounds and no more than 5 tons. Freight that reaches above 5 tons would require special equipment. It’s been proven that if your shipment is within this weight range, then LTL would be the right way to go. Since your other option is the Full than Truckload (FTL), you should be aware of the overall dimensions of your shipment. LTL shipping can be tricky with abnormal dimensioned goods because of stacking issues and such. If the height, length and width of your freight products are normal then you can save money by going with LTL. 

Open Timeframe

Keep in mind that LTL shipments also have some downsides, and one of them is total delivery time. Although LTL shipping has new technology with great TMS tracing involved, you can see that timing is still under some constraints. The truck would carry freight of others as well as yours, which means more stops along the way. When there are more stops, you can automatically assume more time is accumulated. However, you can use LTL shipping when you aren’t in any urgency to get delivery to its destination. Use tracking solutions to keep track of the shipment but stay worry-free since you have that open timeframe.  

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