The HTL Freight Drayage Guarantee

With HTL Freight, you pay NO DEMURRAGE.

We Put an end to port demurrage, penalties, and headaches.

HTL Freight has a decade-long proven process to help shippers move containers on time with minimal stress and no unnecessary penalties. We provide solutions that are easy to implement with the level of quality you expect. The HTL Guarantee is that we pay ALL port demurrage as long as 3 weeks of lead time is provided.

Why Choose HTL Freight?

At HTL Freight, we go the distance to ensure that your drayage shipments are handled 100% of the way. We provide this level of service by utilizing our experience, partnerships, and processes which ensures a drayage shipping service that provides ease of mind and transparency. We also are able to provide the additional benefits:

  • We cover ALL demurrage fees when you place an order with us 3 weeks in advance. We got you covered.
  • With over 40 years of experience, we know the brokerage business well. We have developed a proven drayage process that increases transparency for our customers and removes any hidden fees.
  • We partner with carriers that own their own chassis, so your freight is never stuck on the dock waiting.
  • We closely review all of your customs paperwork to ensure that there are no mistakes, errors, or missing fields before it is submitted.
  • Stay up to date with your freight! Our team provides major and minor updates along the way, so you are never surprised.
  • We additionally offer transloading services with up to 3 days of free storage.
  • Receive regular reports and updates on your past shipments so that you can make decisions on your future operations
One point of contact that can answer any questions
Two updates weekly on your container CTA
Three weeks of lead time and we cover any demurrage


HTL understands that we provide a high level of service to our customers, in turn they care for our business as if it was theirs.  In today’s market that type of service is hard to find, a partner who takes on our mission and commitment to our customers is a game changer!


We are passionate about what we do and who we partner with, the team at HTL is top in the industry and there is nothing better than knowing they will care for our customers as we do!”

— Tammy Benson
Chief Operating Officer, Admark

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