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What Is Dry Van Shipping?

Dry van shipping is the most common trailer in shipping, where simple van trailers are attached to semi-trucks mainly for shipping massive quantities of loads, goods, and products. The term ‘dry van’ comes from the fact that the trailer keeps the goods inside dry and protected from the elements such as rain or road debris. A dry van will work for any kind of shipment that does not have a special requirement such as temperature control or size limitations. 

Shipping dry van through HTL Freight gives you access to our technology that matches your freight to our carrier network. This provides the most competitive rate at the time you need the truck. Our experts bring you the resources needed to alleviate the stress of this tight capacity market. If the safety of your freight, customer service, or timeliness are what you are looking for then HTL Freight’s dry van team is right for you. 

Benefits of Dry Van Shipping

Low Cost

Competitive and fair prices are accessible to you because of the large number of dry vans that are out on the market and ready to be used.  This large capacity means a better price for your shipping.


Dry vans consistently ship faster in comparison to other complex modes of transportation because of how straightforward and uncomplicated this mode is. 


Another result of the high capacity of dry van trailers in the market is more options. You have a large pool of options to choose from when going with a dry van.

Types of Dry Van Trailers

A dry van trailer is a box trailer that is simple in nature. Several other modes use dry van trailers, such as expedited or drop trailers. However, beyond those specialty services, there are still special kinds of dry van trailers to consider.  

Food Grade

Food grade trailers are required to meet a certain level of quality in order to ship food and prevent cross-contamination. The rules are designed to make clear specific actions that must be taken at each point of shipping to prevent contamination. 


Hazmat dry van is a common van and can include shipping anything from paints to batteries to combustible materials. Shipping hazmat material does come with a lot of additional handling and permits. HTL Freight has a large network of carriers that can handle hazmat. If you would like to see if we could take care of your hazmat freight you can reach out to an associate by requesting a quote below.

Specialty Sizes

The standard dry van trailer is 53 feet in length, 8.5 feet wide and 9 feet tall.  However, there are many variations on these dimensions. Some of the more standard specialty dry van sizes are 28 feet in length and 48 feet in length but the options are endless. 

Dry Van Shipping Freight

Tips for Shipping Dry Van

Plan Ahead

Plan out your shipping needs in advance so that you are presented with the best solutions to any issues. You will also get attractive rates when giving yourself an ample amount of time before you need to ship. 

Build a Partnership

Avoid doing constant spot quotes if you are shipping a lot of dry van loads. Instead, make it an objective to build a lasting partnership with a company that will handle your logistics. This will help immensely in the long run.

Know the Market

There are countless forces in the shipping market that will affect capacity and pricing. Make sure you know the basic forces that impact your industry so that you can plan your freight accordingly. Additionally, you can partner with a shipping provider.

Dry Van FAQs

Dry vans have the ability to hold up to 45,000 pounds, but a certain limit that is agreed to be hauled could be under the driver’s discretion. For that reason, be sure to go over the conditions with the driver if you are shipping above 42,000 pounds.

If the pallets are all standard size (40” x 48”) then you should be able to fit 30 pallets into a trailer. Consult with a driver to see if they are comfortable with advanced custom pallet sizes or trailer sizes. A dry van gives you the ability to pack a truckload of pallets in several different configurations. 


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