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What Is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is utilized when your freight needs to be prioritized and delivered immediately. Shippers often require this service to meet tight deadlines and to provide custom-tailored delivery options for their clients. Additionally, agents can rely on regular updates and high-quality service when using expedited shipping.  

HTL Freight has a wide variety of carriers in our network that allows us to expedite any shipment you may have. We know your freight is on a restricted timeline and we are ready and willing to find a solution. Allow us to connect your freight with the final delivery that runs straight through to meet your deadline. All freight shipped with HTL Freight is tracked in real-time which allows our team to proactively manage your shipments during transit.

Benefits of Expedited Shipping


The drivers and brokers for expedited shipping coordinate plans to not take any extra stops or breaks so that the freight reaches its destination as fast as you need it to. 

Immediate Shipping

Expedited shipping means delivery as quickly as possible. You are paying for speed and assurance through expedited shipping because of the urgency and requirements of the freight needed at a destination.

Track and Trace

Track and trace technology allows for real-time updates when using expedited shipping. You can count on the assigned agents to always know the exact location of your trucks to ensure on-time delivery and avoid issues.

Specialty Expedited Services

Expedited shipping typically uses dry van trailers but can also be refrigerated or flatbed. There are, however, other special types of expedited services available.

Sprinter Van

A sprinter van is a small van that can hold around 1 to 3 pallets. With sprinter vans, weight is the limiting factor, the max is usually around 2,500 pounds. 

Straight Truck

A straight truck is a smaller 28’ truck that does not have a detachable trailer. These are not too uncommon to see and kind of look like U-Haul trucks. Straight trucks can hold up to 12 pallets or 12,500 pounds. 

Team Expedited

Team expedited is when there is a team of two drivers in one truck. This allows the drivers to continue the delivery around the clock without having to take any breaks. This is used when you really need to get your freight delivered ASAP.

Tips for Shipping Expedited

Cut Down Your Lead Time

As a shipper, you want to cut down on your lead time as much as possible when shipping expedited. This ensures that you are not paying too much of a premium, there is a big difference in needing something delivered in one day versus two days. Start planning immediately or have a contracted logistics company that can handle any emergency you have. 

Have a Trusted Partner

The last thing you want to do when something needs to be delivered via expedited is find a shipping provider. So, if you ever may need this kind of service in the future make sure you already have a shipping partner you can trust. 

Keep Communication Open

It’s important to keep communication open during an expedited service. Make sure your shipping provider is able to reach you over the phone, email, text, and everything else so that you can be kept in the loop on all updates.

Expedited FAQs

You should partner with a logistics company that has the experience and large carrier network that has the capabilities to offer and follow through on your expedited needs. Preferably, you should have your shipping partner move some simpler loads before having them handle an expedited shipment.

An exact number cannot really be given since there are so many factors that come into play. The biggest impacts on the price for an expedited shipment are how quickly the freight is needed and the distance between pick-up and delivery. 

Additionally, partnering with a shipping provider can be beneficial because you can then negotiate on a contracted rate so that the price is never a surprise.


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