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What Is Power Only Shipping?

Power only shipping occurs when a carrier has the tractor that needs to be moved but needs the truck itself. This type of shipping is more useful locally so that drivers can return to where they are based more easily. By decoupling the carrier and the trailer, 3PLs can create extremely flexible truckload capacity solutions, whether they’re leasing trailers on the shipper’s behalf, or moving the shipper’s owned equipment. 

HTL Freight is ready for the added capacity when the demand surges. Our experts understand unplanned issues that may arise and the need for power only bridges the gap to ensure there are no delays in your supply chain. When you need your trailers moved, our network is ready to match you with a power-Only solution that is right for you. 

Benefits of Power Only Shipping

Save Money

The combination of buying a tractor and then hiring a truck driver increases expenses. However, power only shipping allows you to save money when you rent out the additional services if you only need them occasionally. 


Since you own the trailer that is being used in the shipping, you naturally have more command with power only. This gives your own operations more flexibility since the trailer doesn’t need to be unloaded immediately.

Less Fees

The driver simply has to drop off the trailer and they can leave. That means they won’t be stuck around waiting and racking up a huge detention fee. 

Tips for Shipping Power Only

Plan Ahead

Power only is great for moving trailers within a company’s own fleet, especially during times of surge freight. So, if you have a busy time coming up try to schedule with a power only freight company ahead of time in order to get the best rates and quality.

Keep Communication Open

You want to make sure that there is a consistent line of communication kept open at all times.  In power only shipping, trailers are usually being dropped off so you want to ensure that the driver knows where the trailer needs to be and then inform you once it has been delivered.

Build a Partnership

Having a trusted power only provider is very beneficial in the long run. You want someone that you can count on when you need some of your trailers moved.

Find a transportation provider that will work best for you and your operations. This way you can know that they can work with your trailers and operations without having to explain it each time. 

Power Only Shipping Unit

Power Only FAQs

Hiring numerous drivers might end up being pricier than just hiring a single driver to make the trips, while also keeping in account the deadhead distance. You will find that hiring one driver to drive back and forth for the day over a short distance is much more cost effective.  

Power only shipping is not always an inexpensive option. Although you own the trailer, power only shipping can be more expensive than shipping a dry van over the same distance. The main impacts on the price are going to be the current demand, distance, and what kind of freight it is.

The best way to ensure low and consistent pricing is to partner with a shipping provider.


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