How to Identify When to Use Expedited Shipping

First of all, it’s important to identify what expedited shipping is in order to know when you should be using it. Expedited shipping is an alternative shipping method for quicker delivery date or time in comparison to standard delivery. This type of shipping can usually cost more because of the extra attention and requirements for faster shipping. The situation you may be in can determine whether you even need expedited shipping. However, when you need something shipped and delivered in a rush, you can find it very worthwhile to pay a little extra. Here are three common identifications of when an expedited freight service is worth using. 

Equipment Breakdown

If there is a situation when an assembly line component breaks and production is put on halt, then you may need to investigate expedited shipping options. Machines can only be so reliable, so these types of situations can arise when you least expect it. The easiest fix is to order a part that can put the assembly line back into place and work. Your task is to get that component piece as soon as possible. You may even lose a good chunk of change while production is down. Therefore, it may just be in your best interest to do your part and use expedited shipping.  

Avoiding Disaster with Expedited Shipping

Next, there could be a situation where you are in an emergency situation that could turn into a disaster. In those moments, one shouldn’t have to worry about the minute details of expedited shipping costs and such. For example, you could be notified of setting up relief supplies for a hospital in an area where disaster has struck. You could agree that it would be vital to get freight expedited. There is a short time window in this situation, so every hour counts. These supplies can also be considered delicate cargo. Getting the products to the hospital location, in this example, without damage is possible through quick delivery times. There are less chances of issues along the way because of minimum stoppage or transfers. 

Truck making an expedited shipment

Inventory Supervision

Finally, a scenario where you can be sure that expedited shipping is to be used is when inventory restocking is immediately required. Inventory management involves tough tasks because of the elevated level of supervision involved. Many companies and warehouses follow a Just-In-Time (JIT) model to keep a more organized inventory system. The said model makes the freight ready to use and you won’t have to worry about housing it for prolonged periods of time. Expedited shipping can ensure that you get what you need exactly when you need it regardless of any setbacks. For example, if items arrive earlier than demanded, then you have to have production continue moving by utilizing laborers to move or store the items. At the end of the day, expedited shipping can guarantee delivery of these goods. 


There are many situations that call for expedited shipping where the extra cost is truly worth receiving your freight a day or two early. However, a reliable 3PL partner has advantages that make expedited shipping possible and efficient. HTL Freight is able to offer expedited shipping across multiple modes while making it easy for you. At HTL Freight, we have plenty of experience in expedited shipping. We have processes in place to ensure that the freight arrives on time, every time. Additionally, we have the support needed to ensure that there is never any kind of hiccup along the way. To learn more about HTL Freight and our offerings, you can contact us today. Additionally, if you want to start moving freight with us immediately then you can click here and request a freight quote.