The Challenges of Shipping Oversized Freight and How 3PLs Help

The reality is that all types of freight have their own challenges, but shipping oversized loads are arguably the most difficult category of all. And there are reasons for it being a difficult task. Oversized loads take up a lot more space because of their dimensions. The freight cannot be taken apart for any reason, which then requires more planning. Third Party Logistics (3PLs) are readily available and equipped for your supply chain needs. As your partner, a 3PL would account for the challenges the shipment can encounter beforehand. They will have a plan of action ready before they cause delays or problems with the shipment.  

Here are 3 common challenges of oversized shipping and ways that 3PLs can provide solutions: 

1. Following Legal Regulations of Shipping Oversized Freight

The definition of oversized loads can differ between states, which makes shipping these loads one of our first challenges. You could be fined without oversized transport permits of the state you are traveling through. The timings of shipping oversized loads can also be an issue with certain transportation laws. Most refer to oversized freight being shipped only during the day and avoid overnight shipments. As a result, planning shipments and making sure regulations are properly followed can be both frustrating and time-consuming. 

The solution to complicated legal requirements is outsourcing the workload to 3PL companies. Allow logistics professionals to handle the details of your oversized shipping. 3PLs know the rules that must be followed, and they have a vast network of carriers in various states. They will document everything necessary, relay all information regarding the freight and organize the permits. 

Truck shipping oversized freight on highway

2. Being on the Road

The next typical challenge is having enough experience on the road and correct knowledge of the routes. You need to have a good understanding of the type of truck that is transporting the freight, the features of the load, and the roads that are suitable for transportation. It is not easy to be aware of routes where oversized freight will have difficulty making turns because of the longer trucks that are used.  In addition to this, some oversized loads may get caught in low-hanging power lines and damage them. 

More often than realized, there will be a lack of communication between shippers, receivers, and carriers. Extensive knowledge of road routes and conditions is needed beforehand when planning the transport route for oversized loads. For example, there could be a disconnect about the proper equipment that is needed to unload at the receiver. Major delays can be caused by this disconnect. 

 To overcome these issues, a 3PL can be described as the middleman between customer and carrier. Their communication skills will take care of all points of the shipping process. A well-versed 3PL can spend time working out optimal transportation routes for special trucks carrying oversized freight.  

3. Reaching a Destination on Time

Another challenge that shippers can face when dealing with oversized freight is meeting the hard deadlines. Because of the weight and irregular size, trucks carrying oversized loads often travel at slower speeds. There can be breakdowns because of the weight, leading to traffic disruptions and further problems with the cargo itself. Leading industries like construction and manufacturing require time-sensitive shipping because they have their own schedules for completing their projects.  

To avoid overwhelming situations, partner with a reliable 3PL that can coordinate transit times, avoid additional labor costs, and help track the movement. A good 3PL will have logistics-related technology to easily track your shipments. This tracking system provides visibility and prevents a truck from getting lost. 

If you need a 3PL service to ship your oversized freight easily and safely from its origin to its destination, then check out HTL Freight. We have the experience and expertise required to overcome any potential shipping challenges. To find out more, you can contact us. Additionally, if you want to get started today, you can click here and request a freight quote.